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Packaging and Shipping Orders

Welcome to a how to on the blog today! A very important part of owning a business is mailing your product! How do I mail an item? What packaging looks nice? How much should I spend? How do I keep costs down? Shipping can be expensive, will anyone buy my product? I will answer all of these questions today and…

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Crochet Projects

Sizing Crochet Items

Their is a bit of guesswork that goes into crocheting items for selling. The most important part is making sure the item fits the person! Overtime, I kind of have my own formula now for fit. It’s like my hands and brain just know what to do. I would compare it to trying to explain a recipe that you just…

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Tips and Tricks for Opening an Etsy Store

Back when I first started to sell my items I did not do a lot of things quite right. I fumbled through and while I loved to crochet their is a lot more that goes into owning a small business or even just selling your items to friends and family. First, I made three big errors when starting my business…

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All About Me

  Hello!! I want to take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Leann and I run a small crochet business on Etsy. I am now venturing into a new world of writing a blog. I want to help people and maybe give some advice. I also cannot wait to share my crochet projects. Also, you will catch some…

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Getting Started

                                                         Hello and welcome to my new little blog! I am going to detail my crochet journey, picking projects, running a small business from a camper, and life in general. I have been…

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